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Health & Spa Vacation® Welcome to Health & Spa Vacation®

Health & Spa Vacation

Wellness lifestyle retreats from premiere resorts in the world's most beautiful locations.


Welcome to Health & Spa Vacation®, where you’ll find that a vacation can be so much more than just a getaway.

In today’s hectic world, taking time out for a restorative vacation is not really a luxury—it is truly a necessity for maintaining health and wellness.


If stress has taken hold of your life, a rejuvenating spa vacation can get you back in touch with your real self. Spend a few days being pampered amid lush natural surroundings. You’ll leave feeling healthier than you’ve been in years.

Health & Spa Vacation® has carefully selected the best wellness retreat programs available—in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Lose weight, detoxify or regain health after an illness. Learn new habits that will keep you healthy for life. Whatever type of program you choose, you will be in a supportive, friendly and professional atmosphere. The all-inclusive schedule and programs can be customized to fit your needs.

You’ll have access to everything you need for your journey toward vibrant living, including: diagnostics, consulting, personal guidance, body and soul therapies, spa treatments, fitness activities, meditation and hydrotherapy. Enjoy pampering guest rooms, state of the art spas and sport facilities, and healthy gourmet meals.

Transform your health—and your life with one of Health & Spa Vacation’s life-renewing packages. Reserve your package now—and get ready to experience empowering changes that will stay with you long after you leave!

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Release your anxieties with qi gong, let your mind and body unwind after a tai chi session.





get fit.

Greet each morning with a sunrise walk on the beach, or balance your body with a yoga session.






Enjoy Thai massage, Ayurveda or a soothing hot tub overlooking the sea.